Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here goes the rambling......

I have this God awful wall in my living room that is very spacey (the wall behind my couch). A big picture/portrait looks teeny tiny on it. The wall swallows it. So in an attempt to tame this annoying wall, I ran to Pinterest. Pinterst- the website created for design dummies. I found a lot of collage picture walls, which I thought would be GREAT for this wall. I began my quest for the perfect pictures, frames, and nick nacks. Where better to shop? Of course Hobby Lobby. For less than $150 I found eleven objects to take up space on my wall. Here is the final finished project.

It turned out just like I wanted. And as E grows and more pictures get taken, I can keep adding.

Second ramble.
I am so excited about tomorrow night. It is my bunko groups dinner night and the theme is tacky shoes. I (in my pre pregnancy days) was a shoe connoisseur (looked that spelling up in the dictionary). My specialty- heels. I don't believe any of my shoes are tacky, I consider them more unique/fun/crazy. Kindof like me. Here is a hint as to what to expect- Jessica Simpson and Saturday night fever, disco ball included. I can't wait to post pics.

Third ramble.
Is this not possibly the sweetest thing you have ever laid your eyes on?

This is how HE chose to lay and watch tv. Melts my little mommy heart. 

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