Thursday, August 23, 2012


In the world we live in, can we EVER have enough? Are our houses never big enough? Our cars never fancy enough? Our clothes never fashionable enough? Our money never plenty enough?  What does enough look like? Is it enough to just put groceries on the table or must we have that top of the line fridge to put them in? Is it enough to be able to just afford the gas that goes into our cars or must we drive that expensive luxury car? Is it enough to buy school supplies or must our children go to the top of the line private school? Is it enough to just have a job in today's society or must you make a certain salary?

I remember when we bought our house a few years back we thought we could never fill up all the room in its spacious 1,690 square feet. Now, one child later, we're busting at the seams. Is that reason for me to move? Or do I throw away all the junk I've managed to accumulate? Better yet, do I quit buying junk? I honestly feel like if I had 13,000 square feet at my disposal I would still fill it up. I think you grow into your house. If you have space, you ARE going to fill it up. Same thing with money, if you have money, you are going to spend it. Can you ever have enough money? I feel like as a society as a whole we are so focused on the monetary. On how it looks on the outside.

I remember growing up as a child my family was a middle class family that worked hard for their money. We lived in an average house. We wore average clothes. My parents provided as they could. We played every sport we wanted to, we participated in every activity we wanted to. But never do I remember my mother buying a $1,000 purse or a $25 eyeshadow. Never do I remember my father going on a $5000 hunt.  Every penny went to their children. We lived in the same house my whole childhood and my parents still live there. If they were ever to sale it I would be devastated. Every memory I have as a child is in that house. That's the important stuff.

I hope I show E what is important in life. I hope his memories don't revolve around monetary things, but around his mommy reading him a certain book, or his daddy teaching him how to ride his bike. I try to stay grounded and remember what is important, but goodness our society makes that hard sometimes! Excess is the new in. Do I really care what the Jone's have? Do I really need what the Jone's have? No, I don't think so. Sometimes what's on the outside doesn't match what's going on in the inside. Many times when people have problems they run to buying things. Things, anything. Anything to make them feel better. Anything to make them feel like what appears on the outside. Am I content in my simple little life? Absolutely! I would have it no other way :)

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