Monday, August 6, 2012

Ohhhh ahhhhh wow

The teething monster has reared its ugly head AGAIN. And this time I think we have a few teeth coming in. For sure the top two teeth and a left bottom tooth. It seems the ugly tooth monster always comes when the hubby is at work. E woke up twice last night crying (very unusual now a days). After the second time I decided it was time for some intervention from my good friend IBUPROFEN. Worked like a charm. Today he boycotted his naps and was a little extra fussy. But nothing we couldn't handle. As long as you were on the ground playing with him he was fine. Amidst all his teething pain, he learned a new trick today. 

Tadaaaaaaaa! Little boy is pulling up.

Ohhhh ahhhhh wowwww! A whole new world.

My big EIGHT month old.

On to a completely different subject. Tonight I cooked a delicious pasta. Have you ever wondered what in the world would we do without Pinterest?! It is my lifeline. "Crap, crap, what are we going to eat for dinner? Let me look on Pinterest." This meal was quick and super easy. Two things I am all about (especially post baby). Here is the recipe.....

How do I know it was good? The age old test...does the husband go back for seconds? Why yes, yes he did. 

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