Saturday, May 12, 2012

Golden Child

It has been an ongoing joke in my family that my brother, Josh, is the undeniable "golden child." Well, now I have proof, actual proof. Before I give away the proof, let me plead my case.

1. Josh has never been spanked, I have. My parents would disagree with this.

2. I lived at the ballpark, because Josh played baseball. I was THAT kid playing in the dirt pile.

3. It was always my fault. Supposedly because I was the older, more mature one.

4. I was banned from watching wrestling because I clothes lined Josh. Apparently I wasn't the more mature one.

5. (Thankful, extremely thankful for the kindness of my parents, but the cars speak for themselves.) I got an orange Saturn for graduation. Josh got a black, new body style, fine Mustang.

6. I was forced to stay at home my first year of college and go to the community college. (Thankful now because I met my husband.) Josh originally was going to Northwestern (about two hours away), but then he signed a major league baseball contract and left the state completely! My parents weren't letting me out of the city, much less the state. Looking back, it was an extremely wise move because I was a wild child and probably would've failed out and been knocked up. Just saying. I hate that phrase by the way.

7. My parents have an actual shrine of Josh at their house.

8. The ratio of pictures of Josh versus me in my parents house is 20:1.

9. My mother makes a cake just for Josh, nobody else. And it's the most delicious thing ever. We call it the golden cake, it's actually golden.

10. And number ten, my final proof. My mom pulled out my old baby book to see when I did what, i.e. sit up, crawl, teeth. We wanted to compare it to E. Well in my book there was/is a big blank spot where the father was supposed to write a sweet message to his precious, beautiful, sweet baby girl. Well, after this finding we had to pull out the golden child's book and take a looksy. Guess who had a message written in their book. Yep, he did.

I know my parents love me. And I know they love me just as much as Josh. The baby book was just the proof that the golden child really does exist.

1984 called, they want their baby book back :)

Hard core evidence

THE shrine, hung for all to see as soon as you walk in the living room

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