Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook étiquette

I believe there should be a handbook on what is and isn't appropriate for Facebook. I love fb. It is my outlet from boredom. Boredom at work, boredom while eating lunch, boredom during a commercial break....I love being able to keep up with friends I don't talk to every day. I love seeing family pictures and hearing about new additions. I love seeing everybody's fun vacation pictures. I love funny status updates. I love reading blogs people post via fb. I love links on fb. I love viral videos on fb.

I don't love this update, "Going to dinner." Or this one "Going shopping." Or this one "Going to the gym." I think it's great people eat dinner, go to the gym, and shop. I really do, but I don't think every time you do it warrants a fb status update or a check in. Another favorite of mine, when a picture is posted to fb and other people are tagged in it (obviously all these people are together) and then within five minutes of being posted all these same people in the picture are commenting on it. You're obviously in the same place, why don't y'all just discuss it in person. Why must fb be littered with it? All I can picture in my head is a table full of people and everybody having their phones out communicating via fb. Fun times, right? So many things are misinterpreted on fb. How a post reads is dependent upon the reader. In the last week I have seen so many heated debates on one single comment or post. So who does the misinterpretation fall on the reader or the writer? Is it the writer's fault for writing it wrong or the reader's fault for reading it wrong? Using too many !!!!!!! is another pet peeve. Why are you yelling on all your posts? 
Going to dinner!!!! Going shopping!!!! Going to the gym!!!
I'm all about the !!!!!!, but use it with purpose. 

So to sum this all up I will be writing a book on fb etiquette, coming to a store near you.

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