Saturday, May 5, 2012


Lately I have been on this kick about being a selfless parent. When I was growing up I can not remember of one time my parent's went on a vacation by themselves. Everything in their world was centered around the kids. Vacations were spent at cheer camp and the ball park. The end result was three very successful kids. It's so funny how I viewed parenting before E came along. I thought we could still have the same life style and just pick up where we left off. Not so. It's almost like I'm living someone else's life. A completely different life. A life for the better. I feel like I have true purpose now. My purpose is to raise a child who loves the Lord, a child who respects others, an educated child, a successful child, a happy child. So many parents today don't give their all when raising a kid. There are going to be days when it's tiring and hard, but just like anything else you pick up, pray a lot, move along, and hope for a better tomorrow. On December 1 at 12:12 our whole life changed in the matter of a minute. Our little E stepped foot into our world and completely rocked it. From that point on, we became selfless parents.

Selflessness is waking up every two hours to feed a hungry newborn.
Selflessness is waking up three hours before you normally do, got to love those 6:00 feedings.
Selflessness is stopping everything at the sound of a cry, including shaving your legs.
Selflessness is spending nothing on yourself. I can squeeze into those pre prego clothes. So what if I have a muffin top.
Selflessness is catching up on house chores (instead of napping) while baby sleeps.
Selflessness is a shirt stained in spit up, spit up that smells like a pet store. Thank you Nutramigen.
Selflessness is staying up too late to do a "dream feed."
Selflessness is a living room FULL of toys. Stubbing a toe while running across a living room floor to rescue a crying baby.
Selflessness is being home by 8:00 so little one can be put down on time.
Selflessness is the loss of that yearly Mexcio vacation, there's always the Red River. It's called Red River for a reason. It's dirty.
Selflessness is saying bye bye to pre baby figure and hello to stretch mark city.
Selflessness is having your bath interrupted. I can go all European with some body odor.
Selflessness is trading in that sporty Lexus for a mommy mobile.
Selflessness is holding a baby while using the potty, such a bonding experience.
Selflessness is spending $35 on 19 ounces of formula. I got in the wrong profession. Milk maker is where it's at!

Every day 100% of me is dedicated to E. Meals are interrupted. Laundry is halted. And sleep is lost. But what is more important than all that is I want E to know I love him more than anything in this world.

Somebody met a major milestone this week! E started putting himself to sleep. Mommy and Daddy are doing the celebration dance. 

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