Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day holds a whole new meaning

As Mother's Day approaches, I have a whole new view of what a mother is and how appreciative I am of my mother.

There was something so magical about being pregnant. Knowing this wonderful human being was growing inside of me. Feeling every flip and flop, every punch and kick. Even with eight weeks of morning (all day) sickness, pregnancy was one of the best times of my life. Life was slow and exciting. My days were consumed with vegging out on the coach, long naps, relaxing baths, sleepless nights, and frequent urination. I absolutely loved it, maybe not the last two as much as the others. Every day my love grew stronger and stronger for this VERY active baby in my belly. Just when I thought my love could be no more, E made his grand appearance and ohhhhh how he proved me wrong. My love was infinite for this little boy. He melted my heart from that very first ultrasound and he continues to every day. Not until this moment of having my own child did I realize how much my mother truly gave up for me.

I can honestly say, my mother is the most wonderful mother in ALL the world. She is my best friend. The one I call ten times a day- at all hours, not exaggerating. She gave up so much (vacations, a social life, a job) to make sure her kids were taken care of. I can't remember one cheer competition, tennis match, track meet, or soccer game that my mom wasn't at. She was my biggest fan. My mother and father took their first kidless vacation two years ago (when all the kids were moved out and gone). The majority of their vacations now are spent following my brother around watching his baseball games. But they would want it no other way. She quit her job so her kids didn't have to go to daycare. Now she's watching my child so he doesn't have to go to daycare. Continuing to give herself to help provide for her children. I say this so often, I can only hope and pray to be half the mother she is. My mother never gave up on me. She made me who I am today, of course with the help of my father. (That will come with my Father's Day post.) As an adult, I hope I am able to show her how much I appreciate and love her. Give her what she gave me. Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing woman I know, my MOM.

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