Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Mother's Day

We never know the love of the parent
till we become parents ourselves.
When we...bend over the cradle of our
own child, God throws back the temple
door, and reveals to us the sacredness
and mystery of a father's and a mother's love.
Henry Ward Beecher

My Mother's Day in a series of pictures

We had lunch at my house. I made roast beef and swiss cheese croissant rolls. Thank you Pinterest. And an ice cream sandwich cake for dessert. It was wonderful. I enjoy Mother's Day because I feel like for once I get to pamper my mom and let her sit back and relax while I do all the cooking and cleaning. Even though, she helped out putting the croissants together. Then for dinner we went to my mother in laws for pizza and left over ice cream sandwich cake. I am so fortunate to have some of the best in laws a girl could ask for. I consider them like the extra set of parents God blessed me with. I would have to give my first Mother's Day a rating of 100 on and 1-10 scale. It was so much MORE than I expected. I thank God every day for giving me such an amazing little boy. He fills my life with so much love, laughter, and joy.

E helping Nonnie open her presents.

Our first attempt at a FULL family portrait. Dogs going crazy. Kid crawling all over us.

Much better

My two favorite boys

What life is all about

This would be where the hammock broke. I asked Chris before we got on it "Are you sure that thing is sturdy? You go sit on it first." He sits, he doesn't fall through. Okay, my turn. RIP. Butt, meet the ground. 


Typical Chris. One guess as to what he did. 
Your son rips on line toot.

Grannie and Paw with E

The picture below explains my uncontrollable laughter

Chris and Dad were taking pictures so Paw was in charge of trying to entertain E for the picture. It was hilarious seeing him shaking this toy.

Poppy and E

What I live for

CeCe, Aunt Jenn, and E

Love them, obviously E was over picture taking by this point

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