Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The evolution of E's hands

From day one of being that little tiny fetus, E has LOVED his hands. In all of our ultrasounds they were always by his face. His own little comfort blanket in the womb. When he was a baby (like little bitty baby) I wouldn't swaddle him because he would get so mad and try to fight the swaddle to get his hands by his face.

Look at those long skinny fingers. He had a love-hate relationship with those hands. He loved them dearly by his face, but they constantly woke him up. Contributed to a lot of our sleep issues in the beginning. Boy has our sleep taken a turn for the better!!

As he got bigger, he started putting the whole fist in his mouth. We thought he was teething at two months old because he would constantly be putting those hands in his mouth. Always chewing/slobbering all over them.


Next stage of E's hand evolution was the one finger in the mouth phase. This phase cracked me up because he reminded me of that Austin Powers movie with Minnie Me in it. Except, it wasn't Minnie Me's pointer finger, but his pinky. 

The current hand obsession phase E is in now is the scratch everything phase. He loves textures. He scratches EVERYTHING. From the carpet, to the play tiles, to the kitchen table, to my shirt when I rock him to sleep. I just love it. We say E has his daddy's hands. Chris has the notorious "sausage fingers." He has ten sausages as fingers. They are the same size from top to bottom and they're about as wide as an Italian sausage. 

I think the hands are one of the sweetest things on babies. E has finally figured his out. He's on a constant mission to grab something. One day I'll be holding that hand of a five year old, as we walk into E's first day of kindergarten. And I know it will be here sooner than later. Time goes by so fast, especially with your own child. E will be six months old in two weeks. That's insane. Completely insane. Where did my newborn baby go?

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