Monday, May 7, 2012

Backwards Day and Carrot Soufflee

While I'm at work I receive two pictures from my mom....

Can you tell what's wrong?
Of course Chris dressed E today. You would think Chris would realize something was wrong when the crotch snaps were by his booty. And it probably choked E out when he buttoned the neck snaps. Hence why they are undone. I'm always griping about him always putting E in onesies, because E has a closet full of precious, never worn clothes. But he loves the convenience of the onesie. Three snaps away from changing that dirty diaper! Wardrobe malfunction aside, Chris is seriously the most amazing daddy ever.

Speaking of dirty diaper, this leads me to my next story of the day. And if you can't tell from my other blog posts, many of my stories revolve around my kid's bowel habits. Gross, I know, but that's how we roll. E's got the digestive system of an 88 year old woman on Miralax. We stayed at Nonnie and Poppy's kind of late tonight and E was getting fussy because he was tired. So we hurry home and in my head I think okay, bath ten minutes, lotion up five minutes, feed 15 minutes, bed ASAP. Because once E passes over that threshold of uncontrollable angry goat, it's no fun for anybody involved. He will fight his bottle and make feeding miserable, at least a thirty minute process. And then he's so rowled up, going to sleep is a nightmare. Well my plan met a kink. The bath process went by fine, no problemos. The lotion part took about three times longer. As I'm coating E's butt in diaper cream, he decides to unload a carrot soufflé concoction. Wonderful. Nice timing E. Luckily this time I was quick on my feet and grabbed a diaper. So I didn't have to lysol the whole changing table and rebathe E. I had to patiently wait ten minutes for E to finish his duty. I must say, he was quite happy after that. So feeding time and bed time went like a dream. 

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