Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Amazing Race

I've determined that Chris and I would absolutely SUCK at the reality tv show The Amazing Race. If you haven't seen it, it's a show where a couple (man/wife, best friends, coworkers, etc.) goes around the world looking for clues on where to go next, until there is one couple left and they are the winners. It appears to be highly stressful, there's always one couple on there that argue and bicker the whole time....yes, that would be Chris and me.

We love each other deeply. I could imagine myself with nobody else. He is my peanut butter and I am his jelly. We are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. He's the sane, shy one and I'm the loud, crazy, outspoken one. We share the same sense of humor. He keeps me laughing constantly. He's an amazing daddy. Watching him around E melts me. He has 100% stepped up to his role as a daddy. Pre E when Chris and I fought I considered it more of a timing thing. A month had gone by without a fight so we fought. We fought over stupid crap and I was usually the instigator, the toilet seat was up, a shirt was folded wrong, etc. The fights usually revolved around one of my anal retentive OCD hangups. Post baby our fights are a little different. I've left behind my OCDness. Chris and I never fight, unless E is cranky. When E ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Today E was super cranky, he didn't sleep well last night or today, he was gassy (peas you suck!), and possibly teething. Being a first time mother I have no clue if he's teething. I've been thinking he's been teething for the last three months. Still no tooth. So obviously my "tooth-ar" is wayyyy off. I had to work today so Chris was the lucky one who got baby duty until I got off. E wasn't content doing ANYTHING. The usual stuff that makes him smile and happy made him scream. The only thing he liked was being in his stroller. Just one of those days. Chris asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to go for a walk and I said to wait until the sun went down because it was too hot. This LA weather has already hit 94 degrees. It's not even summer yet! Dinner time came around. Chris ate while I fed little bit. E was done and so was Chris, so it was Chris's turn to entertain while I ate. Before I know it these words are coming out of Chris's mouth "E, let's go for a walk while mom eats." Ok....going around the block is a family ritual for us. Chris loves our walks. I love our walks. And most importantly E loves our walks. Can you tell where the fight started? Feelings completely hurt. So we spent ten minutes arguing about a walk. And then it was over. It wasn't the walk, it was E was upset today and so were mommy and daddy. So who do we take it out on? Each other. I will honestly admit, it's more me than Chris. Chris is the one I'm closest to, so naturally he gets the wrath. I'm so fortunate to have a forgiving husband. Our fights were a lot worse and frequent in the beginning, when E was unconsolable for the first three months. I think we have grown in our relationship. But not quite enough to join the Amazing Race.

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