Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nine Month Checkup

E had his nine month check up yesterday. And I he we LOVED it. No shots! When I got pregnant, every brain cell I had left me, and apparently that still holds true. The girl who used to have it all together, has it together no more. I bee bopped into the doctor's office ready to see how much chunk weighs and talk with the doctor about a few concerns I had, only to be told my appointment was Tuesday (it is now Wednesday). AWESOME. Mrs. Organization herself got it wrong. At least the time was right. So being the most amazing Doctor ever, Dr. Carroll fit me in. And being "fit in" we were only there an hour. Impressive. I cannot sing enough praises of my pediatrician and her office. She's great with E and I have never had to wait more than an hour, even all the times I went in unexpectedly (meaning about six times) the first month E was born. 

Here are E's stats:
Weight- 20 lbs 11.5 oz
Height- 29 1/4 inches
Head- 18 1/4 inches

The boy's got a big noggin on him!

E was in rare form. The child was the complete definition of delirious. I have never seen him so wild. That day he had revolted every nap his Nonnie tried to make him take. Why you ask? The beast known as teething. We are waiting patiently on those top two toofers to break through. E had a hay day with the paper on the table. I honestly believe that is the only purpose of that paper, pure entertainment. Because if it hadn't been there, I'm not really sure how we would've entertained the wild man.
Needless to say, as soon as we got in the car this is how E ended up.....

Asleep, and paciless. 

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