Tuesday, September 25, 2012


For the last week I have completely neglected my blog. It was one of "those" weeks. One word sums it up, exhausting. Exhausting for E. Exhausting for me. And exhausting for Daddy. E had his first ear infection, not only his first, but a double at that! And I had no clue of any of it. Friday I brought him into the doctor because he had a temp (which I accredited to teething). Low and behold he had a double ear infection. He had no signs of having an ear infection. I felt horrible. We had about four days of sleeplessness, moodiness, and clinginess. So where we stand now, E's moodiness has improved and still NO teeth. What the heck? I can see four of his top teeth pushing through. I am sooooo over teething. As quoted by my friend Ellen who has a little girl two weeks older than E, "I feel like for the next two years we can just say "They're teething." I've been using that excuse for the last five months, and still only two teeth have shown up. I can't just accept the fact that maybe my child is just in a bad mood orrrrrrr MAYBE he has a double ear infection. I'm going to take this phrase out of my vocabulary, "He's just teething." It has failed me every time.

Even though sweet boy was miserable we still managed to have a few smiles. 

Daddy gave E a famous butt cut. 


Playing in Nonnie's dump truck

Can you guess what E's going to be for Halloween?
We had to try on the head piece, because I'm pretty sure he's going to refuse to wear it.

Hours of fun with one door stop.

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