Monday, April 23, 2012

Diary of a Poopy Kid

For those with a weak stomach, this is not for you.

In the past when E does his daily numero dos you could always tell. He was by no means shy about it. He would groan and grunt and push and turn red. And you could always tell when he was done, because all of the above would stop. All of a sudden he has decided to drop silent poop bombs. Has happened twice today. The first time with no incidence. Not true for the second time.

E was playing on his playmat and had scooted himself completely off of it (pics to come). So I go pick him up and put him back on the mat so he won't crack his skull open on the fireplace. Low and behold what do I smell? Yep, a poop bomb. I had no clue at what point it had happened, but he acted like he was done with his business. So I toted him off to his changing table to handle up. My suspicions were verified. So I take the diaper off and start wiping the poop off, didn't bother putting another diaper under him (HORRIBLE IDEAL). You would think after him being on this Earth for 4 1/2 months I would learn. Well much to my surprise, E wasn't done. Bad judgement call mom. So he continues to do his business all over the back of his onesie. I attempted to throw a diaper under him, but this further escalated the mess I had. E was kicking all over the place (would't you if you had poop all over your back). I was grabbing wipes left and right. Just so happens the wipe despenser only had about five wipes left in it. Clearly not enough for the mess on my hands. And the pile of dirty wipes/diaper I had created.... E was kicking them like a mad man. Add poop to his legs and feet now. I think at this point he thought it was a game. Not a game.  You can't just pull off a onesie that the whole back of it is coated in crap. It would be up his whole back then and his head, not happening. So the medical professional in me came out, trauma shears! I cut the onesie off. I can take a loss on the clothes, as long as E doesn't have poop on his head. I'm sure at this point you are probably asking "Why didn't you just call for help from your husband?" The husband was out picking up our dinner. So it was just me, E, and his poop. We survived it, and E came out with a poop-free head. One day he will thank me for this.

Yes, there is poop in there.

Maybe, this is his new look of poop concentration?

Was it the poop or the scooting that wore him out?

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