Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre baby packing

This weekend we are attempting our first road trip as a family. I'm fairly optimistic about it and super excited. We're going to see my brother, who's in the minor leagues, play some ball in Pearl, Mississippi. The last time Josh (my bro) saw E, he was two months old and was on a nonstop ride on the fuss bus. Now that E is fun and doesn't cry alllllllll day long, I know Josh is really going to enjoy him. I'm scared E might've scared Josh and his wife Sara into NEVER having kids. So as I begin my packing escapade today, I come to a realization (once again) that it's no longer about me.

This is what my pre-baby packing consisted of: My packing always began at least two days ahead of time. Because it took me that long just to narrow down what I was bringing. Otherwise, I 'd bring the whole closet and then some. Then I'd try things on to make sure they went well together. Next, was the shoes. I couldn't just bring a couple of pairs of shoes, every outfit had a set of shoes to go with it. Half the stuff I packed I never wore, but I needed options. Once I figured out my "outfits," I moved on to hair and makeup. I basically took the whole cabinet. I had one bag just for toiletries. I know pretty ridiculous. Now I laugh about all this, because ohhhh how things have changed!

Jump right to the present day. Now my packing begins the night before. And I start with packing E's things. Do I need one burp clothes or two? Do I need 2 outfits, 3 outfits, 4 outfits.....? Don't forget his hat. Oh shoot what all do I need to bring to bathe him? Which stroller do I bring? Can't forget the camera and video recorder. How many bottles do I need to bring? Two hours later (amidst entertaining my child in between) still working on E's suitcase. My packing....haven't even started. Doubtful it's going to happen tonight either. E's packing has worn me out....primarily mentally.

And this is only a two day trip.

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