Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't wake the sleeping baby

So the other day Paw came to visit E. Well of course little man was down for his nap. He was about an hour and a half into it. Which his naps usually last anywhere between an hour to two hours. So I go to the bathroom and finish getting ready while Paw and Chris visit in the kitchen. Well about five minutes later I hear Chris blowing his duck call at the top of his lungs. I flew around the corner like a complete mad woman. What do my eyes see? Chris, Paw, & E in the "man" room & Chris blowing his little heart out on that duck call. (I think he thinks if he blows it enough at E he'll be the smallest child to blow a duck call at the ripe age of six months old.) Paw was holding E and his back was to me. I mouthed to Chris "DID YOU WAKE HIM?!?!" Finger pointed, scowl on face. Thankfully, my husband had more sense than I gave him credit for and he didn't wake the sweet sleeping baby. The timing just happened to be just right that E woke up just as I went to the bathroom. With all the sleeping issues we had with E in the beginning, you never wake the sleeping baby, NEVER!

This is how I find E. Teether over shoulder and crinkly noisy puppy dog on head. He's still trying to figure out that hand control thing. 

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