Friday, April 20, 2012

Splish Splash, my attempt at a bath

A few weeks ago, when we started sleeping E in his crib, I had my bath hijacked. After finally getting E down, I decided it was mommy's turn to relax a little in a nice warm bath. As I'm dreaming about being in Tahiti in an itty bitty bikini (RIGHT), I hear the pitter patter of puppy paws through the monitor. I don't fret, I give it a few seconds and I don't hear them anymore. Back to Tahiti. Five minutes later, tap tap tap. This time they're not stopping. And I know E is one tap away from waking up. I jump- literally- out of the bath tub, yank my towel off the bathroom door, fly through our bedroom onto the ceramic tile of the living room floor. Can you tell where this is going? Mind you when I grabbed that towel, I didn't grab it to wipe myself down. I more so grabbed it as a shield from my open blinds in the living room. As soon as I hit that tile I start ice skating across it. Arms flailing in the air, towel in the air with them. So much for that shield. I barely escaped from face planting the ceramic tile. After recomposing myself and recovering my girly bits, I make it to the guest bathroom (across from E's room) to find Peppi the dog digging in the garbage can. Apparently I left the baby gate open. In my quietest mad voice I say "Peppi! Peppi!" He comes. Yes, I saved the day. No raging baby.

Skip to today. Once again, end of a long day. Relaxing back in Tahiti. Monitors set up to where I have an Eagle's eye on E. Any slight movement and I can spring into action. As I'm washing my hair, I hear a little rustling through the monitor. I can't see the monitor because my glasses are off. Thanks Mom for the wonderful genetics for poor vision you passed down. All of a sudden I hear "WHAAAAAAAAAAA!" Crap. Here we go again. Grab the towel. Hair full of shampoo this time. Take off running. (No I didn't learn a lesson from the time before.) The lengths I will go to to keep my baby asleep. Luckily this time I didn't go ice skating across the floor. Once I got to E, I throw the paci back in, dripping water all over him. But thankfully, E went right back to sleep. And mommy headed back to relaxation.

Ahhhhh....the life of a mommy :)

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  1. Lol. Oh my goodness!!! I finally get to tea the blog you started and I am dying imagining you skating across that floor with your wet feet. Poor Brandi!!!! Peppi needs to let you stay in Tahiti! ;)