Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There's always tomorrow

E's mood in the morning is usually a good indicator of how the rest of the day will play out. Usually he wakes up and is happy with the world. Well this morning he was a grump pot and wanted to be held and have your full attention the WHOLE time. Today he was making us work for it. I would say at least eight full hours were devoted to just him today. Now mind you, on normal days E would prefer to play by himself- whether it be on his play mat, in his bed, or in his swing. He's a fairly independent baby. Many times he gets fussy when you interrupt his play time. I guess he's kind of making up for the first three months, in which we held him for hours and hours on end. Today I was having flashbacks of those first three months. It's crazy because every time I hear that blood curdling scream come out of his tiny mouth the first thing I think is "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh....he's fixing to revert back." Knowing he's not going back, I just always think the worst. Used to we would have to pull the hair dryer out to calm him down (crazy I know, but it worked), now I can dance around like a monkey and act crazy and usually it will get a good laugh out of him. Not only was E fussy all day, he was The Nap Nazi today. My child who usually takes an hour and a half to two hour naps, decided thirty minutes would be sufficient today. Further escalating his mood. Chris went into work at 3:00 today, so there goes my sidekick/backup. By 4:30 E was a raging baby who needed some sleep. What to do...What to do? Go to Nonnies. No matter what Nonnie can put him in a good mood. Wrong. Not today. Nonnie held him and rocked him to sleep after much moaning and groaning on E's part. We had a wager on whether he would sleep over an hour. I won, he didn't. And when he woke up, he was mad as a hornet. Poppy tried to calm him down, E wasn't having it. Once you thought he was finally calm, he'd take a big deep breath and let out another wale. Non and Pop had to go to the other grandkid's ballgame, so I packed up and headed home. Screaming baby and all. The car ride seemed to calm him down. Game plan: drive around B-town for forty-five minutes until it's time for his bath. Plan worked. After his bath I gave him his bottle and my plan was for him to be so tired from his nap evasion all day that he'd crash and burn right into his crib. Plan didn't work. E just wanted to be held some more (no fussing, just wanted to be loved on). I can handle that. Finally my sweet boy passed out and hopefully he'll catch up on all the sleep he didn't get today. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. If tomorrow is just as bad, there's always the next day and the next day and the next day.

Positive for the day: E was so exhausted my trip to Tahiti wasn't interrupted today. (See prior post for explanation- Splish Splash)

This was what nap time consisted of today. 

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